About Us

Proactive Air Services is a Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) approved flight training school based at Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya. Since its inception in 2013, the Approved Training Organisation has been one of the leading flight schools in the region with access to well-maintained aircrafts, training and maintenance facilities.

Our Mission

To provide flight training in a supportive environment and provide pilots with practical and appropriate flying skills, keen sense of airmanship and flight safety for the service of all stakeholders in the aviation industry.

Our Vision

The vision is to be the principle centre of knowledge and excellence in pilot training. To provide value to aspiring aviators with commitment to quality without compromise in the aviation industry.


Why Us

Proactive Air Services believes that a great pilot is a well-trained and nurtured individual. Our core values are to ensure:


We incorporate fundamental safety principles in every aspect of training thereby establishing a safety culture for our students.


We aim to train pilots to the highest professional standards for the benefit of all stakeholders in the aviation industry. Pilot training is conducted by a team of highly experienced instructors.


Our instructors hone an individual’s skills and impart in each student, the core values of being a good pilot. The flight training is customized to suit individuals such as full-time professionals/part-time students.

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Our Contacts
Lengai House (1st Floor)

Wilson Airport

Nairobi, Kenya

+254 772 292 016



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