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Through this Website we will give you detailed information on all Proactive Air Services pilot courses, our facilities, and also provide you with information on admissions, courses, and other student related areas that we hope will be helpful to you At Proactive Air Services we have combined the culture, discipline and excitement of aviation to ensure that you experience a dynamic, unique and rewarding environment from the first day of your course work. Our training philosophy is to provide you with not just the "stick and rudder" skills of an experienced airman.but the ability to make complex decisions, which will set you apart from those trained under traditional flight training principles.

Why Us

  • Highly experienced team of instructors.
  • Time bound flying hours.
  • Bouquet of packages to suit individuals including crash programs and both early morning and evening classes.
  • Personality development.


Private Pilot Licence

The qualification of this license authorizes a pilot to non-commercially fly aircrafts as endorsed on the license. Additionally, PPL licensee can also fly at night with night and instrument ratings. A candidate has to pass the examination..Readmore


Commercial Pilot License

The qualifying criterion for this license necessarily involves an elaborate instruction of piloting management by highly qualified and skilled flight instructors with a minimum flight log time of 200 hours to be logged with single engine..Readmore..


Multi Engine Instrument

In the Multi-engine Rating Course at proactive air services you would be given the Type Rating (TR) and Instrument Rating (IR) on a twin engine aircraft. The course curriculum covers airline oriented training in which you learn to fly the airway routes..Readmore